[ddownload_list] Delightful Downloads

You can output a list of downloads using the [ddownload_list] shortcode. Optional attributes can be supplied to customise the output. To output all published downloads, sorted by title in ascending order: [ddownload_list]


The following are optional attributes that will modify the output.


Cache the results. The amount of time the results are cached for can be set in the Settings screen under the Advanced tab. Default: true.


Show only downloads within specified categories. Comma separated list of category slugs. Default: blank.


Exclude downloads within specified categories. Comma separated list of category slugs. Default: blank.


Exclude downloads within specified tags. Comma separated list of tag slugs. Default: blank.


Limit the number of downloads to display. Set to 0 to show all results. Default: 0.


The order in which results are displayed. Set to either ASC or DESC. Default: ASC.


The option in which results should be sorted by. The available options are title, date, count (Download count), filesize, random. Default: title.


When using both categories and tags together this attribute specifies the relationship between the two. The options are AND (Must be in all), OR (Must be in at least one). Default: AND.


The output style that should be used to display the list of downloads. The default options are title, title_date, title_downloads, title_filesize. Custom list styles can also be added, as detailed here.


Show only downloads within specified tags. Comma separated list of tag slugs. Default: blank.


    • Hi Dean,

      Delightful Downloads only allows one file to be downloaded. If you need multiples files attached to a single download you would need to compress them together.


  1. Hi Ashley, the Option orderby=”downloads” doesn’t work as described in the Manual above, but orderby=”count” seem to make the thing?!

    What i miss in the whole thing is a “File-Description” Attribute for List and Single-Download.


    • You are correct, I’ve updated the documentation. As for the File Description, I plan on enabling the editor in a future release which will allow you to do just that.


  2. Can you please explain HOW to add attributes that modify the output?
    I have tried [ddownload_list exclude_categories=”Shirts”]

    But it still lists all shirts.

    Please add examples to show newbies like me how to use your awesome features :)

    • The shortcode should work as it is displayed in your comment. Please can you confirm that you are using a category slug and not a category title?


  3. Hi Rich,

    No matter what categories (slug) I do enter, even if it dosen’t existing, the following command will still display ALL my documents.

    [ddownload_list categories=”47″]

    So as if the categories filter is not working as expected. Could you please check ? I can provide credentials inbox to you if need be.


    • Hi Guy,

      Can you confirm you are using the correct slug? In the example above it looks like you are using a category ID. A slug will be the URL friendly version of the category title, which can be found on the Categories screen.


  4. Hey there, I am using the category shortcode
    [ddownload_list categories='literature']
    however it only lists 1 item NOT from that category. Any suggestions? I have 3 files in the literature category.

  5. I have this little problem: after I delete a download , when I go back to the site , the information does not get updated. I can still see the deleted download, but if I click it, it says invalid download.

    can you please help me with this ?

    • Adrian,

      The data is cached. If you go to Setting > Advanced and set the cache duration to 0, once you refresh the page the list should update. It’s always best to leave the cache turned on though, so you may want to re-enable it.


  6. Just wanted to say: Everything is working fine. Great / simple to use plugin. I actually bought a plugin to do this sort of thing ($45 a year) and was very unhappy with it. I’m a former programmer – and just wanted to say you are doing this without reinventing the wheel – and that is great.

    Many of the features I needed with previously bought plugin were sold separately as Add-Ons.

  7. Hi,
    I’d like the “categories” attribute to work with AND and not with OR.
    If I write categories=”aaa,bbb” I’d like to see only downloads that have both categories assigned, not one of them.
    Is it possible?

  8. Really pleased so far, one request though!
    I’m hosting WordPress on MS Azure. This means that storing large files on the file system is a problem as MS want you to use Blob storage. Storing more than 10GB total without using Blobs gets really expensive.
    I’m having to add the url of blobs to the downloads by manually copying the url. I have the Azure plugin installed which allows me to browse the files, but this can’t be used in DelightfulDownloads. Would be nice to have the two integrated.

  9. Hello Ashley

    great plugin, good job

    i´m configurating a list of downloads and look the plugin not deal with categories and subcategories, sample:

    on download categories, i have one named tarifas-oficiales-transporte and 2 subcategories, 2014 and 2015, they are child of tarifas-oficiales-transporte

    on donload files, i have 3 files marked tarifas-oficiales-transporte and 2014 and 3 more files marked tarifas-oficiales-transporte and 2015

    so, i want to display a list of tarifas-oficiales-transporte relating to 2015, but

    [ddownload_list categories=”tarifas-oficiales-transporte,2015″] don´t work, it show 6 downloads , should be only 3

    by now , i solved with exclude filer , the sintax was:

    [ddownload_list categories=”tarifas-oficiales-transporte” exclude_categories=”2014″] , its ok

    or i thing using a tag should work too

    what you thing?

    best regards

  10. How do I dynamically display category and subcategory names using the shortcode?

    For example, if I want to display something like this:

    – Subcategory
    • Download

    Right now I have to explicitly type out the category and subcategory name, then use the shortcode to insert the set of downloads. I’d like it to be more dynamic than that so that if the category and subcategory name changes in the database, it will be reflected in this list.


  11. Hello, wonderful plugin. We’ve been using for some time now. We’re interested in displaying a list of popular downloads, just like the dashboard Popular list displays. More specifically, the most popular downloads in the last 24 hours. Is this possible using one of these shortcodes? We’d like to include this information in a widget on one of our sidebars. It would be great if we can somehow implement this. Thanks again!

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